some songs

by orchid mantis

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recorded suddenly over a span of a couple weeks onto tape.

if you can't afford it or just want it free, send me an email and i'll give you a download code:


released May 5, 2014



all rights reserved


orchid mantis Atlanta, Georgia

found sounds, tape collages, and pop songs about forgetting.

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Track Name: even the stars pt II
(...everything good dies here, even the stars...)
Track Name: late-summer sun
we've forgotten
all that we'd learned
and i cannot tell
that you were here

little houses and quiet vigils
we walked through the empty halls
violet light and shallow tides
and in the morning i had left you there
Track Name: blinded
all the lights are burning out
fight the urge to scream and shout
glass is on the kitchen floor
windows broken, lock the doors

run into your darkness
cast another shadow
take another photograph
distance yourself from the last

where do we go now,
where do we go
canvases burning, lost all your clothes
nothing will save you
nothing will do
all of your words give me light but I am blinded

start the car and drive away
just an hour to the bay
how can I stop losing sleep
over something that i cannot keep

i have been around the fire
and i have seen your round blue eyes
you have stared and i've stared back
left it all upon the stacks
Track Name: missing friends
i don't recognize
my friends sometimes
but i will miss them

there are places i
no longer find
and i will miss them
Track Name: daybreak is coming soon
(...and it was pleasant, and it's extremely pleasant sitting here now, because there's something extraordinarily nice about seeing the dawn up before one goes to bed. because there's something uncanny about it...)