holograph tapes vol. 1

by orchid mantis

  • 10-page pocket-size collage zine containing assorted vague & esoteric historical ephemera arranged carefully beside abstract stanzas of prose. Intended as a companion piece to holograph tapes vol 1, it was conceived around the same body of inspiration as well as taking influence from the sounds of the songs themselves. Also includes a download code for the album & an original film print.
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    Pre-order of holograph tapes vol. 1. You get 1 track now (streaming via the free Bandcamp app and also available as a high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more), plus the complete album the moment it’s released.

    Also includes a digital copy of the 10-page zine accompanying the album.
    releases July 28, 2017

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creation of light
the sinking world
i was above my body
levitating in the clearing
the grey mist (passed through)
dream logic


Holograph Tapes is a collection of ambient works recorded in various periods of inspiration before, during, and after the creation of Flashbulb Memory. The sound of the album and its instrumental nature reflects aspects of my musical influences that are older than Orchid Mantis, from before I recorded vocals and wrote pop songs. Regardless, Holograph Tapes also reflects my desire to explore the limits of that project's core elements - repurposed samples, tape manipulation, lo-fi production, etc. - outside the structure and expectations of vocal-oriented pop music (however experimental).

Mostly, these songs just express what draws me to sound in the first place, the evocation. The sonic attributes of a musical idea suggest a space and a feeling to pursue in a mystical manner, imparting intuitive guidance towards the formation of art capable of powerful expression. For me, ambient music provides the purest conduit for that process of incantation as I feel it disregards most musical conventions and restrictions in a way few other genres do.

The results of these efforts draw from surrounding places among other things: backyard woods, ruins, abandoned schools, eerie empty towns. Near-death experiences and levitation. Sleep paralysis and folklore. As is in our memories, some of these songs are dreams, some are reality - always rooted in the otherworldly as found in either.

If you can't afford it for whatever reason, email me and i'll get you a download: latesummersun@gmail.com


releases July 28, 2017

all samples credited to their respective owners.
album art designed by Osla Xoiha: cargocollective.com/oslaxoiha



all rights reserved


orchid mantis Atlanta, Georgia

found sounds, tape collages, and pop songs about forgetting.

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