hessdalen light

by orchid mantis

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an album about seeing people that aren't there, loss, old cartoons, secrets, drifting apart, escapism, hypersomnia, japanese literature & film, tornadoes, letting go, dark blue fogs, old poetry, and planetary imagery.
recorded on a 4-track that is now broken.
as always, send me an email if you really can't afford it and we can work something out.


released November 1, 2014



all rights reserved


orchid mantis Atlanta, Georgia

found sounds, tape collages, and pop songs about forgetting.

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Track Name: hessdalen light
those lights went out a long time ago
and you lost your shadow
and you never found it

saw your face
on my face
illuminated before
but not anymore

i gave what i could
but i couldn't want you
and every night i wish that i would
Track Name: give up the day
you float away
from here
the interstate
the sun
from your lungs

i want to leave
but i don't know how
i want to sleep
but it's too early now
and everything i know
i leave alone

so calm down
don't leave me
i need this to feel free
i try to remind you
but you don't know what you do

you know the way
from here
give up the day
it's okay to run here
Track Name: keep it with me
don't go alone
when the trees change leaves
you don't know
what this means to me

cause it's easy to leave
would you keep it with me

a dark blue fog
i feel it pass over me
and i am not
a persistent careless thought
Track Name: you'll fade
tore yourself apart to live again
something broken, something said
and i don't mean to seem so sad about it
yeah i don't mean to seem so sad about it

i'm drifting towards where i can't see
your face is one that i can't read
and when all of the rest won't stay
they're gonna leave you and you'll fade

took too much so you'd forget again
you just followed where it led
and i don't mean to seem so sad about it
yeah i don't mean to seem so sad about it
Track Name: sky won't find me
i won't stay too long
just lift this from my thoughts
i don't care at all
just tell me that you're wrong

cause i can't blame you for this sadness
and i know that it's all a habit
you take it
and fall's gonna turn to winter
and the days are gonna lose their glimmer
you'll take it, believe me

sleep till i exist
feeling out of it
don't wake me from this
tired uneasy
Track Name: gates
and when the gates close
leave me where it's cold
and ice drips
from the back of your neck

4 years
spent believing that when you left
the sun wouldn't set

and now i know you're not alone
but i don't want this to go
Track Name: open arms
pull apart
you're in my thoughts
i'm not prepared

i'll never leave
i see the irony

don't do this on your own
i'll be there in a minute

kill the time
trapped behind
a million barriers

open arms
i want what you want
Track Name: old stars (reoccurring)
old stars
hover beneath me
nobody sees me

old stars
hover beneath me
you'd never leave me
i guess not

give me a reason
can't you tell that i'm tired
and i'm not scared
of what's out there

but i won't say
what you won't say
and we'll all take
and then go away

but we're all alright
and we'll all decide
that we're waiting on old stars