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kulla sunset

by orchid mantis

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"This album was written and recorded over 2 years, from 2015-2017.
Some tracks were conceived around the same sessions as Flashbulb Memory, others were written & recorded in the Yellow House studio within the last few months. The album was mixed & mastered by myself.

Kulla Sunset is a memory from when I was younger. I'm chasing dying light through the field, where the horses graze. It's late in the night at my grandparents summer house in Kulla, the Swedish country. There, the sun sets late and bright, and I follow it through tall grass, staring upwards through clasped hands. My grandparents sold the old house a couple years ago, but we still visit.

In sound, memories can be stitched together like a collage. There, they may create new associations and unique narrative forms. Kulla Sunset pulls from some of my strongest memories - both recent and long passed, distant details and places lost. These songs are arranged in a cycle: Beginning in the daylight, they follow the setting sun into night and finally into the dawn of morning. Somehow, this suits my own sense of memory: In the same way light leaks into a camera, leaving impressions on the film, every instance of my recollection contains traces from the glow of memories past - perhaps most strongly from the glow of the Kulla sun." - orchid mantis

Cover art credited to Jimbei Kawashima's original textile.
Special thanks to Ansley Roe for backing vocals on Graveyards & Lost Dogs and Miracle Strip.

ZT083 ~ Z Tapes Records ~ 2018


released March 12, 2018


all rights reserved



orchid mantis Atlanta, Georgia

found sounds, tape collages, and pop songs about forgetting.


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Track Name: sunlight
wake up late
in the night
follow bright
blinking lights
fall asleep outside
underneath a red sky

fade your smile
if you change your mind
you build your bridge
then burn it

pull away
i've been wasting
in this state
dive into myths of you
summers drowned in pale blue

if i knew
what they'd done to you
there is no time
just sunlight
Track Name: graveyards & lost dogs
there's nowhere for you now
we're just passing down there
graveyards & lost dogs
i think i can help you
but i've been wrong

broken houses, two dead deer
passing through a field
& i see you, i see bloom
there's a place we're running to
where there are bright lights
getting dim
where do you begin

there's no home for you now
i just drive you around
burnt barns, and empty lawns
and there's no other
the moon will sink, just to rise again
Track Name: pull
on the phone
something wrong
no one knows
calm down, calm down

in between
land and sea
pull me through
into you

slept till noon
missing you
slept till two
in the afternoon
Track Name: miracle strip
on the lake
burning sage
and you're a lantern
you are held by the night

in the daylight
i leave without saying goodbye
you withdrew and i knew
there's nothing here for you

how do i
live this life
always hiding
in the back of my mind

there's no spirit
i know there's no nightmare
we hold onto our cares
till they they outweigh us
Track Name: still life
you forgot where you where
on the porch of the old house
are you losing time?
it feels like a still life

i came back there all alone
every place we used to go
conjured hymns reaching inside
there is nothing left to find

i came back but it's all gone
it's a very, very, temporary thought
we just keep on living
hoping we don't forget it
Track Name: sunset twice
i watched the sun set twice today
the eclipse hangs a beam
my dog just wants to hide
he knows this thing is powerful
and in that light
sunset and sunrise
it looks like when you're dreaming
looks like when you're dreaming

i'll be out here in the dark until you show yourself
there's a kind of silence that just cannot be helped
and it's alright
what is yours is mine
i've wanted this forever now
i want it for forever
Track Name: coming down
would you pull me aside
look into my eyes, an empty light
chasing alternate states
where it's always the same and that's alright

they don't love you there
they breathe nothing
coming down

feeling stuck and your friends
want it all to make sense
but that won't last
we roll over again
till we're burning loose ends
and we know that

i can't sleep
when i can't see
the moon above me
i can't sleep
not when
i just think about it
all of the time
all of the time
and i don't know
i don't know
Track Name: crystal lake
wait, feel it as it goes away
still, dont you notice anything
lie, lie beneath the lake
my hands will start to shake
vision will decay

holding on to the wrong things
i was doing fine before you came
Track Name: before the sun
sticks in your eyes
in the silence
of the empty house

it will consume this
all of the days we spent
fighting our consciences

tell me
how bad does it hurt?

it surrounds me
everything at once
everything that was

(...this is the past, this is the present, and this is the future...)
in your front yard
trying to recognize what's lost

cradles you gently
when the morning comes
i'll be gone before the sun
Track Name: stye sky
stye sky
and a morning rise
there's nothing left in the quiet
i constructed a map of the islands
that we crossed
to grab
hold of our

stye sky in your headsick
bruises on yr skin
peel the pages off the limbs
stye sky
Track Name: tired in the morning
tired in the morning
spinning, light is distorted
am i what you want
am i enough

fires in the daylight
open eyes
drifting over the sky
and i'll be home
so soon
don't go

follow me out into
days of confusion
sinking into yourself
losing composure
Track Name: empty palms
time wears you down
there is nothing left
hold both my hands
read my empty palms

all at once
i can feel it all
flickers till its gone
no replacing
what has been lost

in another life
i am with you
its a sacrifice
and i miss you

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